Classroom Congress simulation

How would YOU change/fix the United States?

You’re going to try to be a legislator in the United States Congress. One of you will even be President!

  1. Look at the list of problems and issues in the USA here. What would you do about this, if you were a member of Congress or the President?
  2. Which ones do you think are the most important? Click here: Go to and use the code 64 00 81
  3. Make a list of at least three bills (proposals for new laws).
  4. Share them in the shared word-document (link will be provided).
  5. Get one co-sponsor (someone who also wants that bill). Now, go around and gather support for you bill from other senators and congressmen in the classroom. Make a list of the people who support you. If you fail to get enough support, try another one of your three bills .
  6. Remember, you may engage in ”horsetrading” («you support my bill, I support yours”). You may also propose changes to the bills if you are to support it.
  7. However, you may not vote or propose in ways that will put your reelection in danger (in other words, think about your voters and ESPECIALLY your campaign donors).
  8. We will debate the bills. You get two minutes to explain why your bill should get a ”yea”. Opponents of the bill get a maximum of 2 minutes’ talking time total.
  9. Vote over the bills.
  10. If they pass, they MAY be signed by the President, if he accepts them.
  11. If he vetos, you need 2/3 majority….

Most of you hold views that can be called Democratic. In order to make this more interesting, some of you are Republican. Look at your note and look at the diagram on this page. Choose or make Republican bills, vote as a Republican would.


I want to hear exactly 0% Norwegian spoken.

Evaluation will be based on participation and quality and quantity of the English spoken.


(Cartoon from via

Some legal expressions

To prohibit, to ban forby
Ban forbud
To authorize Tillate, gi fullmakt
To repeal Avskaffe (en lov)
To amend Endre (en lov)
Amendment Endring (av lov)
Bill Lovforslag
Act Lov som er trådt i kraft (f.eks. Clean Air Act)
consitutional som følger grunnloven
unconsitutional som er i mot grunnloven
Government spending Statlig pengebruk
To limit begrense
deficit underskudd
taxes Skatter



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